We rely on world class partners with an open and collaborative approach to innovation to make THE GARAGE a top destination for innovation. For our partners, THE GARAGE is a place where we can join forces to co-innovate for our customers, either between us or together with the startups that we host and support. To do so, we enable the innovation funnel with methodologies, coaches and the right infrastructure from idea through prototype to the launch of an MVP in the market.

Open Collaboration: We are strong believers in sharing and collaboration. Be it with big corporates, academia or associations with a cause that we connect with. At THE GARAGE we provide a place of encounter to build a community of innovators around common challenges and opportunities.

Sharing is Caring: Many organizations have come to realize a need to more heavlly invest in their own future. We think, we should do it together and have started to build a competence center for corporate innovation at THE GARAGE. We are more than happy to offer our insights and the expertise of our coaches to our partners.

Think Big Start Small: we want THE GARAGE to become the number one destination for continuous innovation between corporates and startups. If you have an idea how you could help our startups or how we could help you, please get in touch below!



Salesforce is the world’s most innovative company and a strategic partner of Generali. Startups in the Garage benefit from Salesforce’s world-class technology and ecosystem by having access to the knowledge of Salesforce experts so they can reach more customers in a faster and more efficient way. Representatives of Salesforce work out of THE GARAGE on a regular basis to make themselves available onsite.